Sharing some principles and hacks of Agile Marketing


There’s no ignoring ‘Agile Marketing’ as the big trend for 2013. Here’s some tips on the topic from someone who can’t be ignored either, Jonathon Colman, Content Strategist at Facebook. We love SlideShare and we love Agile Marketing, so I just had to share Jonathon’s awesome presentation with our clients, friends and followers:

Agile Marketing: 4 Principles and 13 Hacks – SEOmoz MozCon 2012 from Jonathon Colman @jcolman

As a footnote, I was recently previewing a presentation for a prospective new client when an associate felt uncomfortable about one slide illustrating the graphic results of the prospect’s misguided SEO efforts. It was simply titled: “WTF?”

In an uncharacteristic moment of self-doubt, I removed my “WTF” only to see that Jonathon Colman had used it in his presentation above, as lauded by marketing professionals and company executives across the globe. Lesson learned, my trust-in-self restored. Next time “WTF” is utterly relevant to my presentation, it’s going up there as a headline. What the heck, I might even take inspiration from Jonathon’s frakkin’. Sometimes there’s no other expression that’s quite as apt.

The hack we’ve loved most of all

With customers/users always at the centre of focus, we love this way of encapsulating their perspectives:

As a ___________ I want ___________ so that _____________ .

Ask your customers – directly or surreptitiously – or just listen to them. You can try it out by putting yourself in their shoes (we do this all the time, and have been doing it for many years, which is why we’ve become so jolly good at it).

As A restaurant owner, I WANT an accountant with experience in the hospitality industry, SO THAT my business will get all the breaks it’s entitled to and I’ll be dealing with someone who really understands my business. As A shoe-shopping addict on a budget, I WANT the latest styles at a budget price, SO THAT I can look on-trend for every season without maxing-out my credit card.AS A managing director, I WANT to outsource my company’s marketing to a specialist SO THAT I can focus on running the business, servicing customers and developing what’s-next in product and service offerings.

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