Does your company’s prosperity depend on the sales of business
technology, services, or vertical-market solutions?

Are you riding high on growth targets or just hanging-in?

Imagine your sales pipeline continually filled.

Outsource B2B lead generation and pre-sales management – four basic steps

  • Data Mining

    Researching targets and contacts

  • Lead Qualifying

    Identifying potential opportunities

  • Sales Processing

    Managing pre-sales activities

  • Conversion

    Handover for closure

“If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.”

Zig Ziglar

“Lead generation is a fairly core activity to marketing.”

Chris Brogan

“Leads are the metric that, as marketers, we have to rely on. Because leads mean money.”

Kipp Bodnar

Reserve your most valuable resource of time for closing actual deals,
not scratching for possible openings and playing telephone-tag
with cold contacts in the earlier stages of the sales process.

Outsource your pre-sales effort and supercharge the ability
of principals and/or in-house sales executives to focus on
customer relationships and realised opportunities.

CMS Transport Systems
  • CMS has worked very closely with Mel and her team for a number of years. This association has contributed very substantially to the progressive achievement of market leadership in Australia for our transport management system, Freight2020. I can highly recommend Ginormous to any Australian technology company wanting to take their marketing and pre-sales performance to the next level and beyond. "Just go for it," I'd say.

    Grant Walmsley
    Grant Walmsley CMS Transport Systems

B2B lead generation and sales pipeline-filling packages

We are the best in the business of B2B lead generation and sales process engineering, and the very best value in terms of ROI.

Whether you’re a solo professional selling your own consulting services – or a large company with sophisticated, high-value products to sell – we can devise a B2B lead generation and demand creation package to grow your business and drive increased revenue with great efficiency.

Pipeline Machine - B2B Lead Generation

By re-engineering the pre-sales process, we produce snowballing results. It’s like having a great big outboard motor on the back of the front-line sales effort.

Melanie Williamson

Wake up to pumping sales!

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