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A website without an SEO strategy is nowhere in search results without pay-per-click advertising, and being wholly reliant on PPC is unsustainable for many business models. We maximise the potential of any website to achieve higher positioning in Google results. If you’ve invested in a website only to find that it’s “lost in space”, you need SEO!

“We took over traffic management of an e-commerce website spending $10K per month on Adwords to get 5,000 visitors per month. We halved that spend by switching to organic SEO activities alone, and increased their traffic 10x over – to 50,000 visitors per month.”

Melanie Williamson, serial giant-killer in the world of SEO

Typical question: what do businesses get for the money with SEO services?

“There is no sprinkling of magic dust with SEO. It’s all about actual time spent doing activities. For a little, we can maintain a local or niche web presence. With enough budget of hours, we can dominate search results.”

Melanie Williamson of Ginormous, one of the few ‘real’ SEO experts


Sometimes we get asked how much we charge per-keyword for SEO. Per keyword? One of the very high-traffic websites we’ve looked after has ranked in the top 20 Google results – mostly top 1 to 3 – for more than 10,000 different keyword phrases. Modest flat fee.

Melanie Williamson

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