What does it mean to be Ginormous?


Ginormous is the B2B marketing services brand of Open Trading Network Pty Ltd, a privately-held Australian company established in 2007.

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We’re a hard-working, enthusiastic bunch. This is our workspace. We’re excited you’re here. Allow us to introduce ourselves…

  • Melanie Williamson
    Melanie Williamson Marketing Strategist & Project Director

    I was successfully working in B2B marketing management and traditional media before getting into full-spectrum digital marketing more than 15 years ago. Today we work across all channels in ways both devised and learned. What can’t be learned are the instincts of a hunter for marketing opportunities behind every rustle of a leaf, and the capacity for articulation and connection that’s derived from genuine passion and a deep understanding of needs. I formulated our company’s way of approaching B2B marketing, and part of this methodology is continually learning, testing and refining new ways to deliver even better results. Some people still think of marketing as an airy-fairy, lightweight function, but no. Our recommendations are data-driven, so we’re more like bolt-on business growth engineers for the companies we’re working with. I really love what we do.


  • Tim Lumsdaine
    Tim Lumsdaine Senior Art Director, Digital Assets

    Graphic designer, art director, photographer, and thinker extraordinaire, Tim Lumsdaine heads his own local shop for doing his own thing and works within Ginormous on national projects and major stuff. There is nothing Tim doesn’t know about the geometry of design, philosophy of fonts, and science of colour (the latter being handy when you need colour to print consistently on inkjets, for example). A Renaissance man of the 21st century, ginormously-endowed with intelligence and creative energy, Tim doubles as the photography director and digital assets manager for TEDxSydney. Tim is based in AdLand North Sydney and zaps between Sydney and Melbourne as needed, keeping his skills brushed through ad hoc stints with major advertising agencies and corporate clients.

  • Holly Whittaker
    Holly Whittaker PR Consultant & Social Media Manager

    Holly has more than 20 years’ experience in public relations and event management with an extensive client list including international companies United Distillers and Vintners, McDonalds, Nestlé, Levi Strauss, LEGO, and Ferrero. Holly has coordinated numerous corporate and public events such as the Bombay Sapphire Gin design awards, McHappy Day NSW and Nescafé Big Break awards, and the annual Bathurst V8 street festival. After ten years managing media relations for a leading university, Holly held a senior government role in tourism promotions management for a few years before joining the Ginormous B2B Marketing team. Holly works nationally across diverse accounts as a specialist in PR, social media promotion and audience growth strategies, and social media content development.

  • Jim Gowing

    He’s here, he’s there, he’s everywhere. Jim shoots and edits most of the on-site and in-studio video content required by our corporate clients. A former civil engineer (USYD) and current CASA-certified drone pilot, Jim’s skills and qualifications are invaluable on occasions like when we needed to produce a video on-site at Springvale mine, near Lithgow, and complete the site induction process to attend the underground-transport terminal and mustering areas, and for safely shooting aerial video above safety-sensitive mine production and storage facilities. Jim is also great at doing interviews on-the-fly, being able to visualise edits in advance to ensure we’ve captured all the visuals and narratives available, both planned and on-the-spot inspired, to achieve client objectives.

  • Haj Tobias

    Unlike most B2B marketing professionals, Haj had neither experience nor business training before getting into the game. He learned to make every adversity an opportunity to grow, completely disregarding the orthodox ways to manage and accomplish things. Taking a job with an OEM company in China turned Haj’s career around and he went on to manage the execution of marketing-related projects in Canada. Covering this diverse ground for six years, Haj developed a wide range of skills that exceeded our initial expectations for his role at Ginormous. Today, at the centre of our entire Ginormous team and across the corporate suite, Haj demonstrates grace under pressure to keep our balls in the air as high-performance jugglers. ‘Coolhand’ Haj coordinates the plethora of people, activities, resources, and deadlines surrounding our projects – facilitating, enabling, and communicating. Haj is also our “Dr Google”, being Google-certified in Analytics and AdWords. Recruiters: as you were, thanks.

  • Brett Turei
    Brett Turei B2C Account Manager

    Brett was introduced to Ginormous in 2013 through his co-involvement with various client-related projects, forging a great working relationship with our digital marketing team. With 30 years’ experience in maintaining the visual perception of many organisations, both in the physical retail environment (branding and VM) and the virtual space, Brett more-or-less drifted into Ginormous from a background in marketing for trade industries including interior design and construction. Brett has embraced the Ginormous philosophy and culture with much enthusiasm and today, Brett’s role as B2C Account Manager includes maintaining the marketing momentum for smaller businesses that are more focused on retail/B2C. Brett has a personal interest in the tiny house movement, and so he is also involved with our own (disruptive) marketing channel for flat-pack buildings and related products, Backyard Pods Australia, which partners with Bunnings and other major suppliers to provide more cost-effective granny flats, home offices, etc.


  • Yol Perez
    Yol Perez Chief Financial Administrator

    Yol is our internal accountant and responsible for Ginormous’ day-to-day financial transactions and record-keeping. Before joining Ginormous, Yol worked as an accountant for an accounting firm based in Queensland. Possessing years of experience from diverse accounting-related positions, Yol gained extensive insights as a Xero-based financial administrator able to prepare BAS, depreciation schedules – all stuff that’s boring but vital. Back in her country of origin, Yol is a Professor of Accounting and member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants as well as the Institute of Certified Management Accountants. Yol reminds us to charge for time when we can get so carried away with our work we’d forget otherwise. Yol works closely with our CFO to keep the Wheel of Fortune turning.

  • Phil McLaughlin
    Phil McLaughlin Digital Artist & SEO/SMM Activist

    Phil combines activities on both left and right sides of the brain by doing graphic design, typography and image retouching in one hemisphere – and SEO and social media campaign execution in the other. Phil’s SEO skills were acquired post-Google Panda and Penguin so he had no unlearning of dark arts to do before joining Ginormous. Content marketing combined with social media promotion helps to drive SEO ranking and generate website traffic. Profiles handled might be LinkedIn for the company and key executives, GoogleMyBusiness (GMB), Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, G+, Twitter, and niche channels like Houzz. Phil works with Mel, Holly, and Haj to coordinate SEO activities, and content marketing via social sharing and audience-building. It’s about getting the most juice out of everything.

  • Rod ‘RD’ Domingo

    RD (ah-dee) is responsible for getting all the technical strings together when our web design concepts are brought to life. RD is an experienced frontend developer with a degree in Computer Science and a great technical command of the WordPress platform for content-driven website development (what we mostly recommend, for good reasons). WordPress, Bootstrap 4, JQuery, AJAX, PHP, CSS3, MySQL – Ardy talks acronyms. Customised WordPress themes, page/post templates, server migrations and go-lives, web-portal skins, web-based tools for embedding in websites, the routine maintenance associated with WordPress websites – RD helps us to produce both form and function. Would you like a custom web-form to provide a free analysis and capture leads? RD will make one.


  • Mandy M.
    Mandy M. Agent Team Leader

    Mandy can undertake vertical-market sprints, and do the laundry for client-side sales teams by list-scrubbing. Need to identify target organisations in specific vertical markets, and deep-profile the appropriate contacts for your direct marketing effort? Take it all the way with demand-creation strategies, outbound comms, pre-sales process engineering, and pipeline development? Mandy means the capacity to jump-start the set-up and activation of our dedicated secret agents.

  • Perry R.
    Perry R. Secret Agent (example)

    Perry works full-time for a client organisation where he is known by his full name and ostensibly based in their offices. Starting out with an IT degree, Perry lived and worked in the USA for 11 years, mining and developing sales leads for giants in ERP technology like IBM, SAP and Oracle. Joining Ginormous to become a dedicated pre-sales agent in 2012, Perry acquired an Australian accent and brings qualified new business opportunities deep into the client organisation’s sales pipeline.

  • Von C.
    Von C. Secret Agent (example)

    Von was a registered nurse before becoming interested in direct marketing and training with a US-based BPO organisation to achieve a string of performance awards and Six Sigma (Yellow Belt) certification. Experienced in data mining, lead generation and opportunity-nurturing for major technology brands such as Canon, Von brings his warm bedside manner and high standard of care to the initiation and development of relationships for one of our client organisations.


  • David Clare
    David Clare Expert Photographer

    David has over 20 years of lens-on experience in corporate communication photography for brochures, advertising and websites. Highly respected for his ability to combine natural and artificial light – a valuable skill when in-office shots are required – David shoots for blue-chip corporate clients like AGL, Telstra, Bank West, Savills, ING, and Minter Ellison, and government clients including the Department of Premier and Cabinet, the City of Sydney, Roads and Maritime Services, Destination NSW, and Tourism Australia. David also shoots events, launches and conferences – small or large (like Sydney’s mega Australia Day and New Year’s Eve celebrations). David works out of his studio in Crows Nest, in Sydney’s advertising precinct, from where he is readily deployed to locations anywhere in Australia.

  • Joe Arthur
    Joe Arthur Digital Illustration Expert

    Every blue moon or so, a marketing project calls for a breathtaking masterpiece of visual communication that’s beyond the most fantastic imagination of any mere mortal, and that’s when we call upon Joe Arthur. Almost as enigmatic in real-life as the timeless souls of his digitally-collaged wonderlands, Joe was taught by wolves. If you happen to know Joe, that’s not as far-fetched as it sounds. In real-life Joe hails from Sydney’s northern beaches via the recording studios of LA and the jungles of Borneo.

  • Marianne Ritter
    Marianne Ritter Promotional Products Expert

    Marianne Ritter is something of a grande dame in the Australian embroidery and screen-printing industry, having made her reputation over decades in the music business, producing tour jackets and branded paraphernalia for a very long list of superstars including the Rolling Stones, Pink, and (the late great) Prince. Such stellar credits in the production of branded merchandising has led to the production of logo-branded corporate clothing and a vast array of promotional items for image-conscious companies like Red Bull, Westpac, Harvey World Travel, Max Factor, Sony, and Dom Perignon. Dutch by birth and an engineer by qualification, Marianne combines a flair for fashion and design with immense technical know-how. Marianne has clever merchandise ideas and can brand even the trickiest items.

  • David Ferguson
    David Ferguson Hosting Expert

    Across the whole world, web hosting is a largely faceless and thankless area of service provision. That’s where David Ferguson stands right out in the crowd. We often say that he is the world’s most personable and responsive hosting provider. If you ever have a question or need something done, you can get David in-person on the phone and he can well-nigh smother you with service. Over the years we have recommended David to numerous client organisations needing hosting for websites, online stores, email systems, domain names, and more. Of all the many organisations following our referral through to using David’s services, none have subsequently left, which says it all really.

  • Shane Maguire
    Shane Maguire Expert Journalist

    Rumours of Shane Maguire’s total retirement from journalism have been slightly exaggerated. Best-known for his heartbeat-by-heartbeat reporting on Lindy Chamberlain’s Northern Territory murder trial, and ultimately-wrongful conviction, Shane went on to become chief-of-staff at the Daily Mirror and later chief-of-staff at the TV current affairs show Willessee. Marriage to the celebrated South Australian couture designer, Amanda Dreyer, saw Shane settling in, um, Adelaide. Telecommuting has allowed him to become the ghost-writer of choice when many an Australian business mogul wants to have their life story told while they’re still around to enjoy it (and claim the credit).


You can tell a lot about people by the company they keep.



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