Biz Exit

We are the only company in Australia that is licensed and offers an end-to-end advisory service. As a member of Finn Business Sales, we are part of the only national business brokers in Australia. We are Sydney-based and active in the local business community, as brokers and stakeholders.

Not every business that is offered for sale is sold. There are more businesses for sale in Australia than there are buyers. The help of an experienced adviser can often mean the difference between being sold and not being sold. Buyers evaluate businesses on three things, cash flow, (often represented by earnings), likely growth of cash flow and the risks inherent in the business. This is often shortened to a multiple. The difference between a 3x multiple and a 5x multiple is 66% increase in the value of your business.

BIZEXIT is a program designed to address all three of these factors to ensure value is maximised and that the business can be sold.


Biz Exit


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